Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click marketing is a way of advertising your business in search engines to generate clicks that send relevant visitors to your landing pages. As opposed to ranking high organically and earning those clicks and visits, for each click on your PPC ad, you pay a small fee to the search engines.

Why Do You Need Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertising helps you grow your customer base by attracting high-quality visits from people who are actively searching for products and services like yours. Well crafted campaigns can help you generate leads at a cost lower than what they are worth to your business. Search ads create a win-win-win situation where customers are happy because they have easily found what they are searching for, which keeps your business profitable and it keeps the results in search engines relevant to the searcher.

Research indicates that searchers click on paid search ads more often than any other form of digital advertising. This means that people really don’t mind being advertised to, provided that the products and services advertised actually fit the searcher’s needs. And because we use search engines when we’re looking for products and services, the results, including the ads, are generally highly relevant to what we’re looking for. Plus, Google has developed an excellent formula for ensuring that PPC ads meet the user’s needs.

Our PPC Marketing Process

Research and Analysis

Our PPC Advertising Process is tailored around the business goals of our client. We start with an in-depth research about our client’s business, existing PPC campaigns, keywords, landing pages, and competitor analysis. We analyze our client’s buyer persona and the different stages of the buying funnel in order to better target our ads.


Based on the Initial Analysis, we create a roadmap for setting up all campaigns, landing pages, ad copy, and targeting. We outline deliverable and set up goals in order to evaluate our performance.

Campaigns Setup

Based on our PPC Advertising Strategy, we optimize all existing campaign and create new ones (when needed). We optimize all keywords used, ad copy, targeting, and bidding options. Well structured and targeted campaigns increase the reach of the ads and reduce the cost per lead.

Landing Page Creation

In order to improve the conversion rate, all landing pages have to be well designed with well-crafted web copy and clear calls-to-action. We heave a team of web designers, developers and content creators who can create effective, high-converting landing pages.

All landing pages are being continuously monitored, analyzed and improved for better performance.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

Each campaign is continuously monitored and optimized on daily or weekly basis. The changes that we make cover bid adjustments, ad copy, keyword optimization, and landing page improvements.

Analysis and Reporting

On monthly basis we analyze the overall performance of all ad campaigns and prepare a plan for improvement for the following month. Our analysis and reporting are aligned with the overall business goals of our client.