Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media helps you connect and engage with your customers across the web. You can turn your loyal customers into brand advocates. It helps you increase your brand awareness and expand your audience across the web. Through well targeted social media campaigns, your business will be able to generate more leads at a low cost-per-acquisition.

Why Do You Need It?

Social media helps you increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately increase your sales. It is a powerful way to engage with your customers and to give personality to your brand. Well executed social media campaigns can improve your brand visibility in search engines such as Google.

Social Media Strategy

The social media marketing process starts with creating a strategic plan that is tailored to our client’s business goals. The strategy is based on an initial research that aims to understand the client’s business and their goals. We analyze our client’s social activities, their target audience and where their customers are active online, what they share, who they are influenced by and much more.

In order to clearly measure the performance of our social media marketing activities, our strategy outlines clear goals and deliverables. Our social media strategy covers the development and optimization of our client’s accounts across all networks. For each social network our strategy creates a roadmap for audience growth, engagement, content creation and distribution, and measurement and reporting.

Content Promotion

Our organic content promotion activities are aligned with our client’s content marketing strategy. We promote the content created by our client and we redistribute content relevant to our target audience for each network. Our content outreach activities spread across all client’s social networks, relevant groups and communities. We research and reach out to target influencers willing to engage with and promote our content.

Content promotion helps our clients reach bigger target audience, improve their brand awareness and position themselves as industry experts. It helps our clients increase their referral traffic and gain higher exposure of their products and services.

Social Media Advertising

Aligned with our social media strategy and the advertising budget of our clients, we set up and manage well targeted and optimized ad campaigns across all relevant social networks. Social ad platforms offer great opportunities for audience targeting and better cost-per-acquisition. Aligned with our client’s social media strategy, ad campaigns can have different goals, such increase of targeted social media audience, drive more referral traffic, drive more leads and increase sales.

Community Management

Our community management activities have two main goals: audience growth and audience engagement. We research and engage with target users and influencers across all networks. We connect with new people, reshare and curate relevant content from across the web.

Growing and engaging with our target audience helps our client to increase their brand awareness, promote their products, create more brand advocates, and improve their online reputation.

Ongoing Analysis and Reporting

In order to measure success of our campaigns, we set up, track and report on monthly basis all goal completions and deliverables. Based on the achieved results, our tactics and planning is adjusted on monthly basis for even better performance.